San Diego Carpenters Training Center


The San Diego Carpenters Training Center offers training for Acoustical Installer, Carpentry, Drywall Lather, and Plasterer. The training center is located at:
8595 Miralani Drive
San Diego, CA  92126
The phone is (858) 621-2667
The Training Coordinator is Ed Miles.

Acoustical Installer & Drywall Lather (interior systems carpenters)

Three-year apprenticeship programs.  Here is an expanding field of work which offers challenges to many young people entering the construction trades. It involves the installation of a variety of factory-produced systems and construction materials in commercial buildings and public structures. Specialized skills are brought into play as they assemble complex interior systems using technical data supplied by manufacturers. From acoustical ceiling systems to metal doors, jambs and hardware the Interior Systems Carpenter is the vanguard in modular construction methods.
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A four-year apprenticeship program. Carpenters work with many tools and materials to build schools, erect skyscrapers, construct bridges, tunnels and highways. Just about every building in your community was at least partially built by skilled journeyman carpenters. To be a carpenter is to be a member of one of the oldest and most respected trades. You can build a lifetime career in carpentry, if you like working with tools and like to create things.
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A four-year apprenticeship program.  Plasterers mix and apply cement and gypsum based wet plaster to provide a fire-resistant finish to internal surfaces such as walls and ceilings, etc. They also mix and apply wet polymer-based sand and cement protective finishes to external walls sometimes using spray equipment. Plaster remains popular due to the relatively low cost of the material and overall durability of the product. Plasterers apply plaster veneer “thin-coat” over drywall to create a smooth or textured abrasion-resistant finish. They also install prefabricated ornamental casts in plaster to create interesting and decorative architectural effects.
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For more information about the San Diego Carpenter’s Training Center program, contact the training center directly at (858) 621-2667. Click here to access more information about the Southern California interior systems, carpentry, and plasterer trades.

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