Resources and Support

Campus Resources

Palomar College Police Department

Call (760) 891-7273 or dial extension 2289 from any phone on campus to report a crime and file a police report.  Contacting the Police Department will allow you to pursue a criminal investigation or prosecution against the perpetrator.

Behavioral Health – Counseling Services

Experiencing sexual misconduct can be confusing and difficult.  You may want to talk with someone on a confidential, anonymous basis.  Behavioral Health Counseling can be reached at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2381.

Student Health Centers

The Student Health Centers at Palomar Community College District include nurse-directed outpatient centers that offer a range of basic medical services to the student population.  All students who are currently enrolled in classes and have paid the student health fee may utilize these services.  Student Health Centers can be reached at 760-744-1150 ext. 2380.

Lactation Support

Palomar College is a breastfeeding-friendly campus, and breastfeeding is a protected activity under federal and state law, including Title IX.  Visit the Palomar College Lactation Support website for on-campus breastfeeding locations and campus and community resources.

Community Confidential Resources

Women’s Resource Center Hotline: 760-757-3500
Center for Community Solutions Crisis Hotline: 888-385-4657
24-Hour Rape Hotline: 760-352-7273
One Safe Place: 760-290-3690
National Domestic Violence Hotline & Shelter: 800-787-3224
Domestic Violence Hotline & Shelter: 760-633-1111
Rape and Domestic Violence Hotline: 858-272-1767
Battered Women’s Shelter & Hotline: 619-234-3164
Hidden Valley House (English & Spanish): 460-747-6282
Alcoholics Anonymous: 760-758-2514
Narcotics Anonymous: 619-584-1007
MHS Family Recovery Center (Women & Children): 760-439-6702
MITE North Coastal Regional Recovery Center Oceanside: 760-721-2781
MHS North Inland Regional Recovery Center Escondido: 760-741-7708
MITE North Inland Women’s Recovery Center San Marcos: 760-761-0515

U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (Complaint Filing for Students) or 800-421-3481
Department of Education – Title IX
You may also fill out a online complaint form with the Office of Civil Rights.

To receive complete information about all complaint filing options available, please contact the Title IX office at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2531 or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator at