Your Title IX Rights

Palomar College is committed to providing a campus environment and educational experience that is free of sexual harassment and sexual violence.  You have the right to decide who and when to tell about what happened. Should you decide to report the incident, the Title IX Coordinator will assist you by providing you with all available complaint filing options so you can decide which one is best for you.  Those options include, but are not limited, to asking the College to conduct an investigation and filing a criminal report.

You have the right to know what resources are available to support you after experiencing sexual misconduct.  The Title IX Coordinator provides important resources to help you continue your education or employment after what is often a traumatic experience.   These resources include, but are not limited, to counseling (including on-campus counseling for students through Behavioral Health), educational assistance to ensure you can stay in class, and filing restraining orders through the assistance of the Palomar College Police Department.

You have the right to report sexual misconduct without retaliation, whether you personally experienced misconduct, witnessed misconduct, or had someone report misconduct to you.  If you have been affected  sexual misconduct in any of these ways, know that you can report the incident without fear of reprisal that you might be subject to disciplinary action for previous student conduct violations, drug or alcohol use related to the incident, or employment performance-related issues.