Queer Film Reviews

A Secret Love

This movie is wonderful! It’s a documentary that follows a elderly lesbian couple, who’ve been together nearly 70 years! One use to be on a major female baseball team, one of the first.
It show their day to day life’s, as they began to look for a place to move in together, as they’re getting to old to deal with the house they currently own.

Throughout that, they tell us stories about growing up lesbian and the hardships that followed. We also get to hear from some of their living family, kids and grand-kids. Some of them are supportive, while others are not. It shows us the family dynamic, and how they handled coming out years after they started dating and the fallout that followed. It even talks about past marriages, while they were together. And if they want to get married together at all.

I highly recommend check this heartfelt, passionate document on Netflix.