Pride Center Solidarity Statement with Black Lives Matter

“In a racist society it is not enough not to be racist. It is necessary to be anti-racist.” – Angela Davis

Palomar College’s Pride Center has been a source of support and community for marginalized people since its inception in 2010. The Center was born out of a community need to address bigotry and to work towards a safer, more accepting campus here at Palomar. We dedicate ourselves not only to empowering LGBTQ+ students and faculty, but to better understanding our own privileges and forming solidarity with our queer and non-queer BIPOC community.

We recognize that even in our differences, queer issues cannot be separated from those of the Black Lives Matter movement. We mourn the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Trayvon Martin and equally so that of Tony McDade, Bree Black, Draya McCarty and countless other queer, black, and brown people lost to violence. This issue is intersectional and is personal to us.

Even as we recognize external examples of racism, transphobia, and homophobic violence, we also want to commit to constantly bettering ourselves and our Pride Center. Black Lives Matter is not just about stopping the violence, but empowering the community, so that our students can live and live well. As we continue to educate ourselves and advocate for you, we hope our faculty and students will come to us both for resources and with ways we can better serve you.

Black Lives Matter.