Palomar College LGBTQ Ally List

Compiled by the Palomar College Pride Center (ST-72)


The following allies are sensitive to and knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues.  They have asked to be listed as allies and are here to support you.


(* indicates openly LGBTQ)


Bowman, Peter

Byrne, Madelyn*

Christensen Gwin, Catherine

Cohen, Shawna

Corbin, Wendy

Cory, Abbie* (Pride Center Director)

Daily, Thomas

Davison, Dylan* (Pride Center Assistant)

Gowen, Brent

Hudson, Aaron

Jahnel, Bill*

Jenkins, Jerry “Rafiki”

Kearney, Kevin*

Martinez, Cari

Maunu, Leanne

McDonough, Pam

Meehan, Adam

Miller, Susan*

Mudgett, Benjamin

Nelson, Scott

O’Doherty, Fergal*

Orton, Bruce

Pagni-Kiefer, Lorraine

Pierce, Pippa

Quiroz, Tony*

Shoop, Deana

Smith, Devon*

Smith, Melissa*

Titus, Sherry

Tozzi, Caleb

Trujillo, Stacey

Zolliker, Sue*

Martin Japtok

Jenny Ferrero

Teresa Laughlin