Public Affairs Office General Information

The mission of the Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs Office is to build and maintain awareness and support of the Palomar Community College District through effective communication with Palomar’s internal and external communities.

While we use many trade-specific tools and methods to fulfill our mission, general responsibilities of the Public Affairs Office are:

Community and Media Relations

The Public Affairs Office keeps a pulse on the community’s perceptions of Palomar College and takes active steps to convey the excellent teaching, responsible stewardship, high-level student support and inspirational success stories taking place every day at Palomar College. Face-to-face interactions, printed publications, opinion-leader networks, speaking engagements, media outreach, and survey research are just a few of the methods we use to meet these objectives.

Internal and External Communications

The Public Affairs Office is a public information “hub” for employees and community members alike, responding to requests for information, proactively working to pass on district news, and assisting other departments with communication and marketing efforts. Press releases, electronic and printed newsletters, class schedules, flyers, social media, the Web site, and presentations are just a few of the tools we use to meet these objectives.


The Public Affairs Office works to market the many unique programs available to our community, including fine academic programs leading to four-year colleges and Associate Degree and Certificate programs. We use paid advertising, outreach, personal contacts, marketing materials, and other strategies for convincing all potential students that Palomar offers a first-rate educational program that’s right for them – wherever they are in life.