Top 3 Social Media Etiquette Posts from BUS 152 Students

The latest assignment for #BUS 152 – Social Media for Business was to curate and share information on Twitter related to social media etiquette. I like crowdsourcing and curating this information each semester as social media etiquette is in constant flux.  Certainly, some rules remain the same (such as “Be Nice”), but new ones are constantly being added as new social networks come online and social media becomes more of our every day communications (such as Attribution:  giving credit to the author of the original source from where you curated).

With that in mind, I’m going to list the Top 3 Etiquette Tips from students this semester that we’ll use during lecture, paying special attention to attribution – giving credit back to the source from which these came.  Here we go:

1)  You are what you share:  What you publish on social media is a representation of you, your business, and your brand.   Proceed with caution and ensure you’re representing your brand in its best light ( Thank you @madisonherber1 for finding and sharing this post.

2)  Always keep your target audience in mind:  Remember that you’re only one click away from being unfriended or unfollowed.  Think about your target persona and always be creating for him or her (not you!) ( Thank you @tia2timesmickle for finding and sharing this post.

3)  The 80/20 rule:  Entertain first, sell second.  Social media is about relationships and connecting with people and brands that are interesting and engaging.  No one wants to be sold to, but most people enjoy being entertained. That’s why 80% of your content should entertain and 20% should promote or sell. ( Thank you @alohamarsh for finding and sharing this post.

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