Facebook vs. Twitter

As I was reviewing my social media class and preparing for the blogging lecture, a few things occurred to me.  The first is that I need to blog more. The second is that I need to ensure my students are being directed to up-to-date content in the social media class.  So this blog post solves both of those problems.

I noted that on the subject of Facebook vs. Twitter – how they differ, I’m sending students to a 5 -year old link on the topic on someone else’s blog.  Tisk Tisk.  As we’ve discussed in class, your OWN content is best at building your social media influence!  So here I’ll share a graphic that I will show in class:

0_FBvstwitterThe primary differences between Facebook and Twitter  are noted here.  Two that we’ll discuss in class include the lifespan of the posts (they are shorter on Twitter) and the lack of an EdgeRank-type algorithm on Twitter (your timeline is a true timeline).

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