BUS 150 – Advertising

Advertising_creative_bookIf you take Advertising (BUS 150) you will study advertising as a promotional tool in marketing activities for both small and large businesses.  Throughout the semester, we discuss advertising as a medium throughout history, examine award-winning advertising, and learn about how to create your own advertising through research, development of a creative brief and creation of a campaign. We cover new and classic media, research, creative strategy and execution, how to write headlines and how to write copy.  It takes all kinds of people to create successful ads – from artists and copywriters to strategic thinkers and budgeting experts. I ask students to bring their own special talents to the class and come prepared to discuss the topics so together, we create great advertising.

The Student Learning Outcomes for BUS 150 are:

Students will be able to analyze and critique current advertisements for their use of strategic messaging elements.

Both independently and as a team (simulating an Advertising Agency), students will be able to research a current advertising problem and develop a creative approach to solving it.

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