Bachelor’s Degree

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This program will enable students to earn the Certificate of Achievement in GIS at Palomar College AND either a B.S. or B.A. in Geography from Marshall University within 4 years.

Students will first complete the requirements for the Certificate of Achievement in GIS at Palomar College in year 1 and 2, then take online courses through Marshall University (a public research university) to finish their bachelor’s degree in year 3 and 4.


 Why this program? Why Marshall University?

(1) Most GIS courses completed by Palomar students will be transferred to the Geography degree at Marshall University.

(2) Marshall University is a respected public research university in existence since 1837 with a strong program (undergraduate and graduate) in Geography.

(3) A bachelor’s degree in additional to GIS technical skills greatly enhances student competitiveness in the job market.

(4) All of Marshall University’s courses can be completed online, so there is no need to relocate, incur moving expenses, or change jobs.

(5) The cost of getting a bachelor’s degree through this arrangement is slightly less or comparable to the cost of attending universities in the San Diego region.