Accreditation Governance

Accreditation Steering Committee

The Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) operates as a participatory governance committee that reports to the principle governing body, the Strategic Planning Council. The ASC provides overall planning, guidance, and preparation for reports to ACCJC.
The ASC is charged with making recommendations on issues related to accreditation throughout the seven-year cycle, maintaining currency with accreditation standards and procedures, and communicating this information related to the College community.

Accreditation Writing Leadership Team

The Accreditation Writing Leadership Team (AWLT) is comprised of the Accreditation Liaison Officer, Accreditation Coordinator, and Tri-Chairs of the Accreditation Steering Committee. The AWLT is responsible for overall organization and preparation of accreditation reports and coordination of accreditation site visits.


Michelle BartonChair
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Senior Director - Institutional Research and Planning
(AWLT Team)
Rocco VersaciTri-Chair, Faculty Senate
Faculty, English
(AWLT Team)
Justin SmileyTri-Chair, CAST or Administrative Association
Dean, Arts, Media, and Business
(AWLT Team)
Jeannette GarceauTri-Chair, Council of Classified Employees
Instructional Support Assistant III
(AWLT Team)
Marti SnyderAccreditation Coordinator
(AWLT Team)
Diane StudinkaInterim, Vice President for
Wendy NelsonFaculty Senate President
Ben Mudgett Curriculum Committee, Co-chair
Mark Bealo SLO Coordinator
Lawrence LawsonFaculty Senate
Lisa CecerePalomar Faculty Federation
Justin SmileyAdministrative Association
Matt Grills Confidential & Supervisory Team
Cheryl KearseClassified
vacantAssociated Student Government
Kelly HelmingEmployees, Community, Communication
VacantEquity, Education, and Student Success Council
Mike DayInfrastructure and Sustainability
VacantInstitutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Fiscal Stewardship Council


ASC Meeting Minutes

ASC Meeting Minutes from Fall 2019 to current can be found in Board Docs. Minutes prior to Fall 2019 can be found in the minutes archive page.