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What do you hope to accomplish with the news release:
Generate higher public attendance/registration
Get a reporter at the event/activity to write a feature story
Get a reporter to write a feature story before the event/activity

(for example: the 54 students in Palomar College’s one-of-a-kind WWII Generation class, taught by Professor Linda Dudik; 23 students are grandchildren of WWII Veterans, the average age is 33, and two-thirds of the students are female.)
(for example: will unveil 200 original, innovative clothing designs in their annual catwalk production, “Trends 2004,” more than 30 models, hundreds on onlookers including fashion industry professionals, designs from simple daywear to elegant eveningwear. Special segments will showcase several historical gowns, ballroom dance gowns, and belly-dancing costumes. One of the historical gowns, designed by student Lois Ruiz, won first place at both the San Diego County Fair and the State Fair earlier this year, and a ballroom dance gown designed by Ron Beaver won fourth place at the California Fashion Symposium)
(for example: Thursday, June 17, from 9:15 – 11:55 a.m.)
(for example: federal government has determined that many minority groups are severely underrepresented in the biomedical research workforce in the United States; Palomar’s program is designed to ensure that community college students with a demonstrated ability in the sciences stay with the sciences, make a seamless transition to four-year institutions and earn at least a Bachelor of Science Degree; to prepare capable, motivated minority students for a complete education in science and a future career in biomedical research)
Who's Invited?
Please send any additional background information (such as flyer, factsheet, etc.) to the Communications/Marketing office, TS building, Palomar College. If you are requesting publicity for an event, please submit this form at least two weeks in advance.