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Electronic Marquee Request

Please provide information requested below at least two days prior to requested start date.


  1. Each message may contain one to four frames.
  2. Each frame may contain one or two lines.
  3. Each line may contain one to 13 characters, including spaces.
  4. The fewer the characters, the larger the type size can be.
  5. No more than 12 frames (3-4 messages) should appear at any given time.
  6. Maximum time any message should remain on the sign is one week.
  7. The Communications Office will make the final decisions on which messages are shown each day and how long each message will appear.
  8. Top priority will be given to messages promoting student success and/or public support of college programs and events.
Your Name:
Phone ext.:
Department/Office or Organization:
Message to start on: Message to end on:
Date: Date:
Time: Time:

Information to appear on sign (what, when, where, etc.):
(Optional) Suggested wording for each frame: