Summer Component

Why is the UB Summer Component so Important?

Upward Bound is a year round program because we understand that the skills necessary to be successful need to be consistently nurtured. UB students are aware of the rigor of college and strive to improve their skills while gaining new insight. We offer these opportunities during the summer.  Students are encouraged to push beyond their limitations and transform them into strengths.  

Upward Bound projects provide academic instruction in mathematics, laboratory sciences, composition, literature, and foreign languages.


COVID-19 Updates and Impacts on Summer 2024 Component 

This summer, the PC Upward Bound will be providing a six-week Hybrid Summer Program. We will be offering enrichment in-person courses, tutoring, academic advising and a variety of college preparation workshops. The enrichment courses will be offered on Tuesday's and Thursday's in-person at the main campus in San Marcos that will be given by Palomar College Professors and supervised by program staff to ensure the safety of our students. In addition we will be offering students virtual sessions on Monday's and Wednesday's.

Summer Orientation Date: TBD (via Zoom) 


Dear UB Students, 

This summer, upon the completion of our 6-week summer component, we are excited to announce an enriching field trip to Washington, DC. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to delve into American history and explore out-of-state universities with historical significance. 

The dates for this trip are set for July 29 to August 1, 2024, and all associated expenses will be fully covered by Upward Bound. As this is an in-depth exploration, we require confirmation of participating students. To be considered eligible, students must meet the following criteria: 


Due to limited space, priority will be given based on the following guidelines: 

  • Student must be an active Upward Bound student and participate regularly in Advising Sessions, UB Saturdays, and other events provided by the program.   
  • Students must be in good academic standing (Transcripts will be reviewed) 
  • Student has had no history of behavior issues within the program 
  • Student must commit to participate fully in our 6-week summer program being offered June 10-July 19th. Tentative Schedule will be sent out as well.  
  • Must attend our Summer Orientation 
  • Read and complete the Summer Program Participation From. Will be sent via text message.  


We encourage all eligible students to apply for this educational and culturally enriching experience. Candidates will be chosen on a first-come basis and who meet the requirements. Stay tuned for further details and be prepared for an unforgettable summer adventure! 

If you or your parents have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your advisor or myself (Yesenia). 


If you are interested in being considered for the trip, please fill out and submit a form using the link below.