How to Make the Most of a Tutoring Session

The goal of tutoring is to make you an independent student by assisting you in the learning process. Be sure to bring your relevant assignments, notes, papers and books.

Come Prepared

  • Plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute.
  • Try to complete as much work as possible before your session.
  • Actively participate in your tutoring session. Ask questions.
  • Know that the tutor cannot do your homework or exams.
  • Review what you have covered in the tutoring session soon after the session has ended. This will reinforce what you have learned.

Respect Others and the Learning Environment

  • Start and end your tutoring session on time.
  • Speak at a volume that does not detract from other students’ learning.
  • Turn off your gadgets and phones, do not talk on the phone, or if absolutely necessary, take the call outside of the Center.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the various tutoring center.
  • Tutoring is a friendly, positive and collaborative effort.

Tutors’ Role

  • Tutors can help you make sense of what you do not understand, but they will not replace your instructors.
  • Tutors can show you how to find the right answers, but they will not just give you the answers. Tutors will provide you with guidance and direction to help you independently think through the challenge.
  • Tutors can review the homework that you have completed so that you can see your successes and failures, but they will not do your homework for you.
  • Tutors can help you learn how to read your textbooks for understanding, but they will not explain something that you have not read.
  • Tutors can help you achieve your learning goals. They will expect nothing less than your best effort, and neither should you.