Governance Structure

Student Success & Equity Council

The Student Success & Equity Council (SSE) will serve as a steering committee that leads the development of the Student Success & Support Program (3SP) and the Student Equity Plan for the District.  The Council meets on the second and fourth Fridays during the academic year from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. and more frequently as needed for special tasks.

SSE Council will assist in preparing the 3SP and Student Equity Plan, monitoring the District’s progress toward meeting the goals in each plan, and review and update each plan as needed.  The SSE Council will coordinate its activities with those of the other Planning Councils, Curriculum Committee, Registration Committee, EEO Advisory Committee, Basic Skills Committee and other District committees as necessary.

The Student Success & Equity Council reports to the Strategic Planning Council and is chaired by the Vice President of Instruction, the Faculty Senate President and the Vice President of Student Services.

SSEC Governance Structure

Palomar College Governance Structure