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Gender and Women’s Studies

A sociology class titled Introduction to Women’s Studies is the required core course for the Gender and Women’s Studies A.A. degree major. As noted in the Palomar College catalog, the Gender and Women’s Studies major offers students the intensive, interdisciplinary, lower-division preparation for pursuing advanced coursework in Gender and Women’s Studies. Here are the requirements for the degree major:

Required Course                                     

SOC 115            Introduction to Women’s Studies   (3 units)

Electives (Select a minimum of 15 units)

AIS 165 Native Women in the Americas 3 units
COMM 105 Race, Gender, and Media Effects 3 units
CS 140 Chicana Thought and Cultural Expression 3 units
ENG 280 Women and Literature 3 units
HIST 130 Women in United States History 3 units
PSYC/SOC 125 Human Sexuality 3 units
PSYC 130 Psychology of Women 3 units
PSYC/SOC 145 Psychology and Sociology of Aging 3 units
SOC 135 Gender and Society 3 units
SOC 175 Introduction to LBGTQI Studies 3 units


Recommended Electives: ENG 100 and ENG 202 with an emphasis in Women’s Studies Issues.



Photo of several dozen college students in a circleSociology is the study of social behavior and human groups. The discipline focuses on social relationships, how those relationships influence people’s behavior and beliefs, and how societies develop and change. The study of sociology can offer insight into the self, the family, and interpersonal relationships and can foster a better understanding of how small groups and larger communities are created and maintained. Sociology can increase your knowledge of the world of politics, business, health, and the law and can help you better understand how societies can offer opportunities but also perpetuate inequalities. Sociology helps us to see and understand the larger social world or “big picture” and our place in it.