Reading Tutoring and Reading Lab Tutoring

  • Reading Tutoring:  Tutoring is available face to face in San Marcos (in LRC-318) 4 days a week. It is also available online 4 days a week.
    • Face to face tutoring is available Monday-Thursday on the San Marcos campus on the 3rd floor of the library (LRC building). Please check the Online Tutoring link in Canvas for availability.
    • Online tutoring can be accessed via Zoom, Monday-Thursday. Please see the Online Tutoring link in Canvas for availability.
    • Tutoring is free and available to all Palomar students. More information is available on the Tutoring Services website. We offer assistance with textbook reading strategies, reading comprehension and retention, and vocabulary. Please see the tutoring schedule on the Online Tutoring course in Canvas. You can schedule an appointment or drop in for tutoring today!
  • READ 50 and 110 classes have labs associated with their lectures. Your instructors will provide you with more information on this. Reading tutors are well trained to assist students on the programs and assignments throughout the semester.