Steps to Starting a Business for Palomar Performing Arts Students

I’m giving a talk to the Palomar College Performing Arts Students on Tuesday, March 10th.  In that talk I will reference several links to help students start a business as a sole proprietor.  If you’re here, that means you are interested – and I’m excited for you.  Here are the links discussed.  And good luck with the business!

Steps to Starting a Business
These are the links that were discussed in the YouTube lecture (Chapters 5 and 6) on Starting a Business.
1.  Learn about and search fictitious business names (make sure yours is available!)
2.  Fill out a fictitious business name (FBN) form  and file it with the County of San Diego Recorder’s Office.  The closest county recorder’s office is in San Marcos – here is a list of all locations.
3.  Obtain a business license. (City of San Marcos)
4.  Obtain a seller’s permit and resale certificate if you will be selling taxable items.
5.  Open a business bank account (you can use any bank that does business banking – U.S. bank (and SDCCU) have good services!)

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