Infographic and Content for BUS 125 Class

I was teaching Content Marketing in my BUS 155 Marketing class today at Palomar College in San Marcos, and it reminded me that I could be a better content creator myself.  Then, during office hours, a BUS 125 Business English student visited so we could edit her paper together.  During our conversation, she said, “You should have a Top 10 BUSINESS ENGLISH grammar mistakes list – or something like that“.  Ding, ding, ding!  My Content Marketing spider senses tingled and I thought, “Why yes, I should!”.  What a great piece of Content Marketing that will be.  I know my BUS 125 Business English students will find it useful. I could share it through my social channels. Perhaps others will share it and it will add a little more cache to my personal brand.  Cha Ching!  Content is king.

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