5 Tips to Prepare for the First Day of School

Starting the school year off right is a great way to ensure success.  Here are 5 preparation tips to help start off Monday, August 19th on the right foot:

1)  Log into Blackboard to see if your instructor has set up a section for your course.  Many online (and in-class) course sections have a Blackboard site that the instructor will turn on the weekend before school begins.  By logging in early, you can preview the course syllabus and get a good sense of what the course (and instructor) is all about.

2)  Clean out your backpack/book bag.  A tidy book bag with pens, pencils, your calculator, notebooks, and other essentials not only looks good, but also helps you feel fresh and ready to go.  Clean out last semesters old papers and other stuff and fill your book bag NOW with everything you’ll need for that first day/week.  Don’t forget a water bottle and snacks!

3)  Get a good nights sleep.  Tonight is a school night.  Respect your body and your brain by making sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep tonight.  No one (including your instructors!) wants you to feel groggy on that first day.

4)  East a good breakfast.  See advice above.  You want to feel energized on your fist day.  The first day/week of school can be crazy with new classes, instructors, students, and parking!  Don’t start off hungry.

5)  Get to school early.  See comment above regarding students and parking.  Just about EVERY registered Palomar student (~30,o00) will be on campus on Monday, August 19th.  Parking can be limited.  Reduce the stress of searching for a spot by arriving early and being in class on time.

Enjoy the first day!  Happy Fall 2013.

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