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MATCH is a Palomar initiative that supports students as they progress through their programs by highlighting Numeracy, Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Quantitative Literacy (QL) components in all disciplines. Together, we will explore the possibilities of quantitative literacy and numeracy within our disciplines. By showcasing how numeracy/QR/QL manifests in each content area/discipline, this college-wide initiative aims to reduce equity gaps as we make changes aligned to AB705, Guided Pathways, etc. Palomar’s MATCH objectives are to better serve our students and our community by meeting the following goals:

Palomar MATCH goals:

  • Support faculty in creating projects and/or adjusting curriculum to be more inclusive of and make the Magnifying Glass showcasing how Math is found inside all disciplinesmathematical thinking/Quantitative Reasoning (QR)/Numeracy dimensions of their disciplines more explicit.
  • Support faculty in choosing the degree to which they want to infuse mathematical thinking, numeracy and QR into their curricula.
  • Provide students with experiences that demonstrate the utility, beauty and value of mathematical thinking, numeracy and QR in their studies and everyday lives.
  • Make mathematics, numeracy and QR welcome and indispensable across the entire curriculum.
  • Make the methods and materials designed to further the above goals available, accessible, and friendly to the broad audience.
  • Collaborate with other projects or initiatives at Palomar and improving quantitative or symbolic reasoning or numeracy at large.