Graphic Standards and Style Manual

This site constitutes the Palomar College Graphic Standards and Style Manual (GSSM), which was developed by the GSSM Task Force, a group of 11 staff members representing a cross-section of the college community. The purpose of the GSSM is to assist people who develop printed materials, web pages, correspondence, or other products that determine and reinforce the identity of Palomar College. The contents of this manual outline a unified image of Palomar’s diversity and vitality through a visual identity system and writing style guidelines.

If you are creating a specific printed piece or web site, please refer to the appropriate sections of this manual for help on how to incorporate the identity elements. The reasons for developing an identity system are as follows:

  • A comprehensive, well-managed identity confers stability and professionalism.
  • A strong visual identity system (aka, visual branding) is a fundamental component of an overall image strategy.
  • It is confusing to the marketplace for an institution to support more than one identity.
  • Colleges with strong identities will be able to recruit faculty and students and raise dollars more efficiently and effectively.
  • The identity system outlines consistent methods of presenting information, thereby improving quality control.
  • A consistent identity conveys synergy between units on campus.
  • Institutions with strong and consistent identities are more likely to have a clearer sense of purpose.

Please note that the Graphics Standards and Style Manual is a living document, and your constructive suggestions are welcome!  The names and telephone extensions of contact persons for each section are listed on the last page of this manual.