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This online, FREE, noncredit, certificate program can be completed in just one semester!

It will provide students with a basic understanding of drone safety, applications, and career pathways. Students will learn about general safety principles in drone operations, as well as specific requirements that apply to recreational and commercial drone operators. In addition, students will learn about best practices from industry professionals and veterans who have pursued different career pathways in the commercial drone industry.

Program Requirements (2 classes):

1. GEOGRAPHY-Noncredit  (N GEOG)900
Introduction to Drone Safety and Applications (#33049)
Lecture: Online (1/31/22-3/26/22 only)

2. GEOGRAPHY-Noncredit (N GEOG)901
Careers in the Drone Industry (#33077)
Lecture: Online (4/4/22-5/28/22 only)

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