Distance Education

Distance learning is now easily available to those with online access. You get the same high quality instruction without the need to actually attend classes on campus. To get the same learning environment, each class makes use of the Canvas System which provides reading & homework assignments, written lectures, a private discussion area, and a virtual classroom for instant interaction with the instructor and other students. Private email interaction with your instructor is also available, if needed.

Online learning is a lot more challenging than classroom learning. It requires a higher degree of motivation and a personal commitment to keep working when problems crop up. Your fellow students will be highly supportive and it’s common for many class members to work together in the discussion area to solve a knotty problem. Completed assignments may be uploaded using the Blackboard System, or to online storage provided to the class.

Check the current class schedule to determine which classes are offered over the Internet.

***IMPORTANT MESSAGE for distance education students:
You must use your STUDENT PALOMAR E-MAIL ACCOUNT to communicate with your instructor. How do you set up your e-mail account? Instructions are listed at Enrollment Services web site (click  here)