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Fashion Merchandising and Design

About Us

Palomar Fashion students at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show.The goals of the program are:

  • Identify and respond to the educational needs of the community/industry.
  • Provide educational opportunities and program delivery systems to students needing nontraditional scheduling.
  • Develop our programs to meet the emerging trends, needs, and technological advances of the fashion industry.
  • Provide educational opportunities in the field of fashion for career employment, advanced study, professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Strengthen partnerships between our Fashion Program, secondary/post secondary education segments, the business community, other academic disciplines, and professional associations.

A Palomar Student asking a question at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show. Some of our outstanding achievements: 

  • Comet’s Closet; a free service clothing bank for students in need of everyday casual clothes or business wear. Comet’s Closet is open. 

  • The MODA Fashion Show: Fashion program’s Designers and Merchandisers collaborate to produce and present the show. Students work diligently to bring the show to life, the show is presented every spring. 

  • Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show: A combination of education and experience, where students have the opportunity to attend an industry trade show. Students will gain insights and inspirations, hear from powerhouse fashion innovators and thought leaders on everything from the latest trends and styles. 

  • Field Trips: Each semester the fashion program offers different field trips to industry sites, where students can have hands-on experience and learn more about the fashion industry. In the past students have attended the Fashion District in Los Angeles, FIDM Museum, Mood Fabric Store, Las Vegas Magic Trade Show, and many more! 


We are so proud of our Fashion Internship class with Instructor Allison Andrews. They have done an amazing job.

Pink palm trees and a mannequin dressed in a pink suit at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show. Allison Andrews is founder and director of Fashion Week San Diego® (FSWD), president of APA Business Consulting and executive director of FAB Authority. As well as a professor at Palomar College in the fashion department.

At the Dame @zandra_rhodes_ fashion show at the Westgate Hotel

Our Palomar College fashion students did such a beautiful job backstage at the Dame @zandra_rhodes_ fashion show at the Westgate Hotel!  The Westgate Hotel