Political Economy Days Presentations

Open Classes for the 2023 Summer Term

  • First 4 Week Session – May 30 to June 24
  • 8 Week Fast Track 1 – May 30 to July 22
  • Second 4 Week Session – June 26 to July 22
  • 8 Week Fast Track 2 – June 26 to August 19
  • Third 4 Week Session – July 24 to August 19


CourseDurationCampusRoomInstructor# to AddClass Meeting
Econ 1014 Weeks (7/24-8/19)OnlineOnlineTBA51005Online, Asynchronous
Econ 1028 Weeks (6/26-8/19)OnlineOnlinePark, Sung Paul50310Online, Asynchronous
Econ 1024 Weeks (7/24-8/19)OnlineOnlineRahmani, Farideh51006Online, Asynchronous


CourseDurationCampusRoomInstructor# to AddClass Meeting
Hist 1014 Weeks (6/26-7/20)Online, liveOnline, liveToolsie, Krishna50117Online, M,T,W,Th - 8:00 to 11:20 am
Hist 1014 Weeks (7/24-8/17)Online, liveOnline, liveToolsie, Krishna50128Online, M,T,W,Th - 8:00 to 11:20 am
Hist 1018 Weeks (6/26-8/19)Rancho Bernardo330Parenti, Marina50245M/W 9:35 to 11:00 am
Hist 1028 Weeks (6/26-8/19)Rancho Bernardo330Parenti, Marina50129T/Th 9:35 to 11:00 am
Hist 1408 Weeks (5/30-7/22)OnlineOnlineRiggs, Miriam50316Online, Asynchronous
Hist 1408 Weeks (6/26-8/19)OnlineOnlineJacobo, Rodrigo50315Online, Asynchronous
Hist 1408 Weeks (6/26-8/19)Camp PendletonCPPEN - MCastaneda, Gary51000TH 6:00-9:10 pm
Hist 1418 Weeks (5/31-7/19)San MarcosMD 305Jacobo, Rodrigo50317M/W 11:15 am - 2:50 pm
Hist 1418 Weeks (6/26-8/19)OnlineOnlineCastaneda, Gary50210Online, Asynchronous
Hist 1418 Weeks (6/26-8/19)OnlineOnlineTBA50318Online, Asynchronous

Political Science

CourseDurationCampusRoomInstructor# to AddClass Meeting
POSC 1014 Weeks (6/26-7/22)OnlineOnlineCastaneda, Gary50243Online, Asynchronous
POSC 1204 Weeks (6/26-7/22)OnlineOnlineZacharias, Jared50764Online, Asynchronous

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Arts degree requirements

Click on the links below to see the degree requirements and class sequence for a degree that covers the transfer requirements  for the CSU and UC colleges

Carrera intermedia en Artes para la Transferencia (AA-T) (información en español)

Todas las clases serán impartidas en inglés

Economía (AA-AT)

Historia (AA-AT)

Ciencias Políticas (AA-AT)

Department Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

To Fight Racism, American Colleges Must Prioritize Teaching History

by Catherine Christensen Gwin, Ph.D.
Palomar College AntiRacism symbol
Palomar College United: Educators for Antiracism


Dr. Robert Reich (UC Berkeley)
visits Palomar College,
November, 2018.
With Economic Professors
Teresa Laughlin and Barbara Baer.