Video Archive 2016 – 2018

Spring 2018 Political Economy Days
Wednesday and Thursday, April 11 & 12, 2018
Schedule of Speakers (PDF)

Yiqing Xu
Assistant Professor of Political Science, UCSD:
“Introduction to the Politics in the People’s Republic of China”
David Mares
Professor of Political Science, UCSD:
“From Drug War to Harm Reduction in Latin America?”
Daniel Butler
Associate Professor of Political Science, UCSD:
“The Filibuster, the Veto and U.S. Policymaking”
Matthew Estes
Associate Professor of History, Palomar College:
“Cartoons & Concentration Camps: How Nativism & Popular Culture led to the Japanese-American Internment” 
Mike Levin
Environmental and Energy Law Attorney:
“Make America Green Again: Clean Energy Advocacy”
Ranjeeta Basu
Professor of Economics, Cal State San Marcos:
“The Economics of Immigration: Global Economic Shifts and Recent Trends”


Fall 2017 Political Economy Days
Wednesday and Thursday, October 25 & 26, 2017
Schedule of Speakers (PDF)

Follow this link to videos at Vimeo for the following speakers/panels:

  • Michael Byron
  • Sanford Lakoff
  • David Lake
  • Jennifer Herrera
  • Ronald Bee
  • “What is Whiteness” Panel
  • Fred Glass & Jim Miller
  • Suzanne Szames & Deborah Walsh
Spring 2017 Political Economy Days
Wednesday and Thursday, April 12 & 13, 2017
Schedule of Speakers (PDF)

Stephan Haggard
Distinguished Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies & Political Science, School of IRPS, UCSD.
“Hard Target: Dealing with North Korea”
Jim Miller
Professor of English & Labor Studies, San Diego City College
“Trump’s Election, California Labor History & The New Resistance Movement”
John Baden
PhD candidate in History, Case Western Reserve University
“In our Interest?: Refugee Admissions as Foreign Policy”
Nathan Fletcher
Professor of Practice in Political Science, UCSD.
“Voting Rights in America: 200 years of Progress and Setbacks”
Sean Flynn
Professor of Economics, Scripps College.
“The Singapore Solution: How Singapore Delivers the World’s Best Health Care (While Spending 80% Less than We Do)”
Carl Luna
Professor of Political Science, Mesa College & Visiting Professor, University of San Diego.
“Donald Trump: Last of the Hamiltonians?”
William Leslie
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Palomar College.
“Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport: The Theory & Practice of Citizen Activism”
Fall 2016 Political Economy Days
Wednesday and Thursday, October 26 & 27, 2016
Schedule of Speakers (PDF)

Marsha Trigas
Adjunct Professor of History, Palomar College.
“California Ballot Propositions for the Nov. 8, 2016 Election”
Tom Wong
Assistant Professor of Political Science, UCSD
“Immigration Reform After the November 2016 Presidential Election”
Erik Gartzke
Professor of Political Science & Director for Peace & Security Studies, UCSD
“New Modes of Deterrence: Cyber & Automated Military Systems”
David Mares
Professor of Political Science, UCSD
“Harm Reduction Drug Strategies: Why they work in Europe, Can’t in the US, and won’t in Latin America.”
Angel Garcia
Temecula City Council candidate & election campaign strategist
“Who Wrote Melania Trump’s Speech: Political Originality in Campaigns.”
Sanford Lakoff
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, UCSD
“Beyond the Sound and Fury: What’s at Stake in this Election”
Jennifer Herrera
Graduate student & faculty intern in History, CSU San Marcos
“A Riot is the Language of the Unheard: An Historical Analysis of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest”
Ryan Emerick
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Craig Forney
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Palomar College
Imam Taha Hassan, Pastor Greg Bostrom, & Rev. Kenji Sensei
“An Interfaith Panel: Exploring Issues of Contemporary Importance.”
Spring 2016 Political Economy Days
Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 & 14, 2016
Schedule of Speakers

Kristen Marjanovic
Assistant Professor of History, Palomar College.
“Defining Genocide: How to Detect Genocide in the 20th Century and Today”.
Gary Castaneda
Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Palomar College & San Diego City College.
“Theoretical Origins of World War I and Applications for Contemporary International Politics”.
Marisol Clark-Ibanez
Associate Professor of Sociology, CSU San Marcos.
“The Educational Journeys of Undocumented Latino Students: Promising Practices and Challenges”.
Dick Eiden
Civil Rights Attorney
“Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ Matters”
Amber Colbert and Leilani Pizano
Adjunct Professors of Sociology, Palomar College.
“Black Girls Matter: Invisible, Underprotected and Appropriated”
Seth Hill
Assistant Professor of Political Science, UCSD.
“Primary Elections and Political Polarization”
Susan Miller and Devon Smith
Department of Sociology, Palomar College
“Feminism and the Role of Women in Politics”