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Political Science

Open Classes for Spring 2022


CourseDurationStartEndInstructor# to AddClass Meeting
POSC 10216 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Bowman, Peter31903Online, Asynchronous
POSC 10216 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Nesbit, Valri33178Online, Asynchronous
POSC 10216 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Zacharias, Jared33179Online, Asynchronous
POSC 10216 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Castaneda, Gary31769Online, Asynchronous

In Person

ClassLocationDaysTimeInstructor# to Add
POSC 101Main CampusM/W9:35-11:00 amLimer, Joseph30486
POSC 101Main CampusT/Th12:45-2:10 pmBowman, Peter30484
POSC 102Main CampusM/W11:00 am-12:35 pmBowman, Peter30481
POSC 102Main CampusT/Th9:35-11:00 amLimer, Joseph30487

Labor graphicStudying political science provides a “window on the world,” an opportunity to learn about contemporary issues and how political leaders are likely to resolve these issues. Students focus on understanding the US political system; though, they also learn a lot about themselves; their political opinions and their own personal decision making preferences.

Political science encourages students to connect to the larger political community and to gain confidence in their knowledge of the system and their ability to participate through voting as well as many other actions. Students can also choose to examine other countries and traditions or to focus on the international system where the US is a global power.

Majors in political science are on a career path that can lead to employment with the government, corporations, international organizations, and non-profits.

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) degree requirements

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