High Schools

Palomar College is proud to have College and Career Access Pathway (CCAP) partnerships with these high schools.

Each high school has specific pathways designed for their dual enrollment students.

Bonsall High School, Bonsall Early College

Contact: Eryn Kjelland, Counselor

Phone: (760) 305-5700

Email: eryn.kjelland@bonsallusd.com

Escondido Charter High School

Contact: Steve Prodan, Counselor

Phone: (760) 737-3154 x 139

Email: sprodan@echs.org

Escondido High School

Contact: Michelle Ferrer Flores, Counselor

Phone: (760) 291-4043

Email: mferrerflores@euhsd.org

Fallbrook Union High School

Contact: Dr. Anabel Luna, Director of Student Services

Phone: (760) 723-6332

Email: aluna@fuhsd.net

Guajome Park Academy

Contact: Melissa Ritchie, IBCP Coordinator

Phone: (760) 631-8500 x 3118

Email: ritchieme@guajome.net

High Tech High North County

Contact: Tiffany Yang, Director of College Advising

Phone: (760) 759-2725

Email: tyang@hightechhigh.org

Julian Union High School

Contact: Chris Navarro, Counselor

Phone: (760) 765-0606 x 106

Email: cnavarro@juhsd.org

Mission Hills High School

Contact: Stephanie Brizeno, Counselor

Phone: (760) 290-2748

Email:  stephanie.brizeno@smusd.org

Mission Vista High School

Contact: Chivon Parli, Counselor

Phone: (760) 758-6800 x 73032

Email: chivonparli@vistausd.org

Middle College at Orange Glen High School

Contact: Rita Guerra, Counselor

Phone: (760)  291-5037

Email: rguerra@euhsd.org

Orange Glen High School

Contact: Karen Mendiaz, College and Career Technician

Phone: (760)  291-5055

Email: kmendiaz@euhsd.org

Poway to Palomar Middle College

Contact: Patty Hurtt, Principal

Phone: (760) 679-2531

Email: phurtt@powayusd.com

Rancho Buena Vista High School

Contact: Adrian Arciniega, Counselor

Phone: (760) 727-7284

Email: adrianarciniega@vistausa.org

San Pascual Academy

Contact: Chris Toomey, Counselor

Phone: (760) 307-1318

Email: ctoomey@sdcoe.net


San Marcos High School

Contact: Areli Amador-Simpson, Counselor

Phone: (760) 290-2314

Email: areli.amador-simpson@smusd.org


Valley Center High School

Contact: Susana Cook, Counselor

Phone: (760) 751-5531

Email: cook.su@vcpusd.org

Vista Visions High School/ Alta Vista

Contact: Juliet Royer Ross- Ma'u (King), Dean of Students

Phone: (760) 631-2502 x 89003

Email: julietross-mau@vistausd.org

Vista High School

Contact: Felix Santana, Counselor

Phone: (760) 726-5611 x 71044

Email: felixsantana@vistausd.org


Del Norte High School

Contact: Jesse Luna, Counselor

Phone: (858) 487-0877

Email: jluna@powayusd.com

Mt. Carmel High School

Contact: Charmaine Ferrer, Counselor

Phone: (858) 484-1180 x 3151

Email: cferrer@powayusd.com


Poway High School

Contact: Blanca Aarreguin, Counselor

Phone: (858) 748-0245 x 5136

Email: barreguin@powayusd.com


Rancho Bernardo High School

Contact: Maureen Changnon, Counselor

Phone: (858) 485-4800

Email: mchangnon@powayusd.com

Westview High School

Contact: Alisa Berner, Counselor

Phone: (858) 780-2000 x 3080

Email: aberner@powayusd.com