What is Dual Enrollment?


Our Mission

Establish high-quality, innovative pathways designed to help students choose a path to an associate degree, certificate, or 4-year institution transfer, while gaining the necessary skills to begin a career and providing access to resources that enable students to stay on track in their educational journey. 

Our Vision

  • Intended to expand access to low-income, students who may not already be college bound, or are underrepresented in higher education.
  • Promotes equity and access to college credit, with goal of developing pathways within CTE, transfer credit, improving high school graduation rates, or college and career readiness. 
  • College classes that take place at the high school during the regular school day and taught by Palomar instructors. 
  • Palomar sets up the dual enrollment program according to the needs of the high school and its students- Models for dual enrollment programs.


Dual Enrollment vs. Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment refers to college classes offered at a public high school campus within our District, as part of a College and Career Access Pathway (CCAP) partnership agreement. It is intended for their students to earn both high school and college credit completely free of charge! Dual enrollment offers structured pathways, effective instruction, and guided student support in enrollment, Palomar resources, and academic counseling.

Concurrent Enrollment is when a high school student takes a college course at their own discretion at a Palomar campus or online. The student must submit their K12 Special Admit form to Admissions for processing and then register for their course on MyPalomar. Students are required to pay for textbooks and some fees but the $46/unit for tuition is not charged. Questions on Concurrent Enrollment? Contact admissions@palomar.edu or view here.


Dual Enrollment provides opportunity!

Intentional Pathways

  • IGETC and/or CSU GE pathways
  • Palomar Associate degree and certificate pathways
  • Career technical pathways as a continuation of high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) areas

Guided Student Support

  • Demystification of the on-boarding process to Palomar College
  • Instructional resources
  • Access to Palomar College counselors for career, academic, and personal counseling
  • Helping high school pupils achieve college and career readiness

Student Benefits

Students who participate in dual enrollment programs generally have higher outcomes in the following areas:

  • Higher high school graduation rates
  • Higher high school GPAs
  • Better study skills for college
  • More likely to go to college 
  • More likely to finish college

Last modified on May 14, 2024