Electrical Engineering Drafting and Design Technology

A.S. Degree Major / Certificate of Achievement

Student and his family celebrating his prize at SD fair - 2023.

The Electrical Engineering Drafting and Design Technology Program provides students with a foundation of electrical theory, electrical components, and hands-on practical skills necessary to layout and design printed circuit boards (PCB) using AutoCAD and Altium software. PCB layout, PCB materials, industrial materials, technical mathematics, component libraries, schematic concepts, design intent implementation, design rule creation, schematic capture, signal integrity, and transmission will be taught while adhering to industry standards. Students will learn to use basic electronics lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, and signal generators. Students will be able to create an industry standard completed package of related drawings for fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing of an advanced printed circuit board design. Completion of this program prepares students for entry level drafting employment in the electrical engineering drafting and design field.

Program Requirements

DT 101 AutoCAD I

DT 117 Print Reading and Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance

DT 226 Printed Circuit Board Design I

DT 227 Printed Circuit Board Design II

MACH 228 Metallurgy and Industrial Materials

IT 108 / WELD 108 Technical Mathematics

Total Units: 18.0

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create a complete package of related drawings for circuit board fabrication.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of industrial materials and their properties for manufacturing printed circuit boards.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of technical mathematics as it applies to circuit board design and layout.