Comet Copy – Departmental Copier Program

This program has been developed for all Palomar College departments, faculty and staff as a way to reduce the cost of printing. There are two approaches to saving with this procurement program; first, the placement and use of devices in this program will provide a dramatic savings over the purchase of desktop printers/copiers, and second, through the centralized print center at Comet Copy.

Studies have shown that laser printers, stand alone fax machines, and inkjet printers cost more to operate than digital multi-functional copy machines. By replacing your old analog or existing desktop printer or copier with a new multi-functional printer, you will reduce the cost of printing.
The value of a digital multi-functional copier is that you can leverage many product purchases into just one and produce documents at a lower cost. With these new devices you can print, fax, scan, and copy. Faxes can be routed via e-mail or to a network folder. Prints will be produced much faster and look better than ever before.  Our current partner in this program is Konica Minolta who will, with its sales and training staff, provide support and assistance in making decisions for a printer lease/purchase if you desire. They can meet with your department to get a better understanding of how your documents are created, printed and then distributed. Through proper training, you will be able to leverage the new technologies that are available on this contract and find ways to make improvements in how you distribute and print your documents.

For more information about the program and to see information about the copiers that are available, please contact Comet Copy and ask for our copier booklet.