Palomar College will accept prior test scores  which include the following: AP, ACT, SAT, ELM, EPT, CSU EAP and CAASP  as an assessment tool for the English and Math placement.

Students should email test scores and unofficial transcripts to assessment@palomar.edu.

All official transcripts should be emailed to evaluations@palomar.edu.

*Students with the following scores may be exempt from taking prerequisite courses, please see the prior test score charts below:

AP ScoreEligibility
AP English Lit/Comp
AP Lang/Comp
3, 4, 5English 202, 203, 205, Phil 200
AP Statistics3,4,5, Math 100 levels
(Math 100, 105, 106, 110, 115, 120, Psy./Soc. 205)
AP Calculus AB3,4,5,Math 141
AP Calculus BC3,4,5Math 200 and Math 205
SAT ScoreEligibility
SAT Writing500 or higherEnglish 100
SAT Math550 or higherMath 100 college levels (M100, M105, M106, M110, M115, M120 and Psyc./Soc. 205
ACT Writing22 or higherEnglish 100, college level English
ACT Math23 or highermath 100-120, Psy. 205/Soc.205 college level math
CSU ELM/ EPT ScoreEligibility
CSU EPT147 or higher English 100, college level English
CSU ELM49 or higherMath 100-120, Psy.205/Soc.205, college level math
CAASPP EAP ENGLISH (Standard Exceeded)Standard ExceededEnglish 100/ college-level English
CAASPP EAP MATH (Standard Exceeded)Standard ExceededMath 100-120, Py/Soc 205. College -level math