The Asian Pacific Alliance in Higher Education at Palomar College is a collective group comprised of students, employees, and community members. APAHE at Palomar College is dedicated to creating safe and courageous spaces to learn, network, present research, and provide supportive resources for teaching and learning. We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are passionate about sharing cultural identities and advocating for social justice education!

Our Goals:

  • To create a supportive network of college employees, students, families, and community members
  • To create a safe and intellectual space to learn and connect with Asian Pacific Islander (API) employees and students
  • To assist the college in addressing the needs of API students
  • To assist the college in creating educational resources and cultural activities that increase an understanding of API communities
  • To assist the college in increasing the representation of API staff, faculty, and administrators
  • To collaborate with the Association of Latinos and Allies for Student Success (ALASS), Palomar College Black Faculty and Staff Association (PBFSA), and White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College (WAAPC) to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • To collaborate with Palomar organizations and API organizations in the local area to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • To participate in the development of a diverse and multicultural community in the Palomar Community College District

If you would like to join APAHE or have questions, please contact

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