Internship Information

Students are encouraged to identify and obtain an internship site on their own.  If you are having difficulty, the program coordinator is happy to assist,

It is recommended you secure an internship 1 month prior to the start of the semester.

There are required documents that must be signed before you can gain hours at your internship site. Those documents are:

  1. Internship Placement Form and Contract
  2. Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between Palomar and the Site (many sites will have these agreements already in place, check with the AODS Program Coordinator or site supervisor).
  3. Service Learning Waiver of Liability (student will sign this the first day of class in AODS/PSY/SOC: 140, 298 and 299).

Sites need to be certified by the California Department of Health Care Services for the Certifying Boards to recognize hours.

You will need an Internship Placement Form and Contract signed by your site supervisor.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Listings. Palomar College AODS Approved Agency Site List:

(You do not have to choose from this list)

  • SCRC Southern California Recovery Centers
  • Choices In Recovery
  • Aurora Behavioral Health
  • Amity Ranch
  • North County Serenity House
  • American Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Casa Palmera
  • Rebuild
  • Alpha Project (Casa Raphael)
  • Pemarro Treatment Center
  • MHS Inc.
  • MHS North County Center for Change “Drug Court”
  • McAlisiter Institute
  • West Coast Recovery
  • Hill Recovery
  • The Fellowship Center
  • The Center for Life Change
  • MFI Recovery Center

Social Service Databases and Organizations:

  • Brother Benno’s
  • San Diego Youth and Community Services
  • Volunteer San Diego Volunteers of America
  • Inform 211 Database
  • San Diego Hospice
  • Alpha Project (Homeless)
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Vista Community Clinic
  • LifeLine Community Services
  • Interfaith Community Services
  • Community Resource Center
  • Volunteering in Carlsbad
  • The Angels Depot (Food for Seniors)
  • The Neighborhood House
  • Girls Incorporated
  • REINS Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  • Migrant Education Program
  • Operation Hope
  • Community Resource Center – Encinitas