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Making Your Electronic Documents Usable by Students with Disabilities

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Introduction to Accessibility


All materials presented here are intended for use with the CVC/OEI Course Design Rubric, in particular the “Section D” on accessibility issues. Although the bulk of the Course Design Rubric is intended for evaluating materials accompanying distance education courses, section D applies to all electronically distributed materials.

The Instructure company (the folks who make Canvas) have also assembled information covering most of these accessibility issues. You can find this information on the Canvas Community site (Links to an external site.) under “General Accessibility Design Guidelines (Links to an external site.)“.


Microsoft Office and PDF Accessibility
Video Training

Files and Resources

Word Demonstration (MS Word Section)

PowerPoint Demonstration (MS PowerPoint Section)

Word Demonstration (PDF Section)

Word Demonstration Scan (PDF Section)

OEI Checklist (All Sections)

OEI Course Design Rubric (All Sections)

Video/Audio File Accessibility


Online Workshops – Self-Paced

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