Palomar Accessibility Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process

  1. If an individual (student, staff, or faculty) reports an accessibility problem to the ATRC Support system via Accessibility Resolution Request form, Academic Technology Support ticketing system, phone, or email, the first step is for ATRC staff to determine if the problem is truly an accessibility issue.
  2. If the ticket is regarding an accessibility problem, the support request is categorized into the Accessibility departments either as 1) a Website Accessibility ticket or 2) a Canvas Accessibility ticket within the ATRC Support system.
  3. Individuals may report other types of problems as accessibility problems when in fact the issue has nothing to do with accessibility. In those cases, the support request is handled like a regular ticket, and it will likely end up categorized into the Canvas or Website departments.

Website Accessibility Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process

  • Upon receipt of an accessibility complaint or barrier reporting, the Web Coordinator will:
    • Create a ticket for the specific product and accessibility issue reported, including date received;
    • Investigate the issue and provide a preliminary response to the reporting individual within a week of receiving the complaint.
    • If an accessibility issue is discovered within the context of the supported assistive technologies and Information and Communication Technology applications at the college, the Web Coordinator will, in consultation with the DRC Coordinator and appropriate staff:
    • Define the existing accessibility issue within the ticket and acceptance criteria necessary to resolve the issue;
    • Specify the level of priority for resolving the accessibility issue and identify a timeline for resolution.
  • Following the creation of the accessibility ticket, the Web Coordinator will respond to the reporting individual, if appropriate, and inform the individual as to the timeline for resolution.
  • The Web Coordinator will communicate with the reporting individual to determine if an alternate access solution is necessary while the accessibility issue is resolved.
  • Following the resolution and/or conclusion of the accessibility issue, the Web Coordinator will identify in the ticket the date at which the accessibility issue was completed.

Canvas Accessibility Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process

  • The original ticket from the student will be used to communicate directly with that student. Initially, the student will be told that their professor will be contacted, and the ATRC staff will work with the professor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • ATRC staff then create a new ticket in the ATRC Support system, also in the Canvas Accessibility department, addressed to the faculty assigned to the course or site where the problem exists. (In the case of a Canvas course with multiple teachers listed, all will be included on the new ticket.)
  • ATRC staff will communicate with the faculty through this ticket, and leave a note within this new ticket referencing the original student support request’s ticket ID. The ATRC staff will also add a note to the student’s ticket with the ticket ID of this new faculty-focused ticket.
  • If the faculty responds to this request, ATRC staff will be able to guide them into fixing the accessibility problem.
  • However, if the faculty does not respond within a week, ATRC staff will send a prompting message to the faculty through the ticket and copy the department chair. The chair can ensure that the faculty will respond to the issue, and work with Academic Technology to resolve the problem.
  • When the problem is resolved, and the faculty ticket closed, a reply will be placed in the student’s original support request, informing them of the resolution.