Cathy Jain
Department Chair; Geography
Brenda Morris
Academic Department Assistant
Tony Kopec
Instructional Assistant

Wing Cheung
Geography & GIS
Patty Deen
Oceanography & Earth Science
Sean Figg
Doug Key
Mark Lane
Astronomy & Planetarium Director
Al Trujillo
Dr. Lisa Yon
Oceanography & Earth Science

Jerry Houser
Aviation Sciences (Emeritus)
James Pesavento
Astronomy & Geology (Emeritus)
Dr. Steve Spear
Geology (Emeritus)

GEOG 195 Catalina Island
March 19 - 22, 2016
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B.S. degree in Aviation Management
on Palomar's campus!


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Guest Speaker Streaming
One Year on Mars: An Update on the Mars Science Laboratory Project -- Jill Krezoski, October 16 , 2013

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