Environmental Studies

Are you passionate about the environment?  Want to learn more?  Palomar College offers a Certificate of Achievement in Environmental Studies that prepares you to transfer into the Environmental Studies bachelor’s degree program at Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM).  The Certificate of Achievement at Palomar College consists of all of your lower-division major coursework with the exception of one class that must be taken at CSUSM: ENVS 210*. However, this class can be taken at CSUSM for only $10 per unit while you are still a student at Palomar College!  The Certificate of Achievement includes five courses:

  • BIOL 118:     General Ecology
  • GEOG 100:  Earth’s Dynamic Environment:  Intro to Physical Geography
  • GEOG 105:   People and the Environment: Intro to Human Geography (counts for ENVS 100 at CSUSM)
  • GEOG 120:   Digital Earth: Intro to GIS
  • PHSC 101:    Principles of Physical Science

A counselor can help you schedule these courses into your GE program so that you will be ready for transfer.

Please contact Wing Cheung (wcheung@palomar.edu) or Cathy Jain (cjain@palomar.edu) if you are interested in this program.  We would be happy to hear from you!

For more on the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at CSUSM click here
For more information on taking a class for $10 per unit at CSUSM click here

*If you declared the Environmental Studies major prior to the Fall 2020 semester and are completing the Palomar College Certificate, you will need to take ENVS 100 at CSUSM, but you do NOT need to take ENVS 210 to fulfill your lower-division requirements.