Palomar College Learning For Success

Faculty and Staff


Abby Corona, Academic Department Assistant (Temp.)
Tony Kopec, Instructional Support Assistant


Dr. Wing Cheung,  Geography and GIS; Drone Technology; Environmental Studies
Dr. Steve Crook, Geography and GIS
Sean Figg,  Geology
Catherine Jain,  Geography and Environmental Studies; Department Chair
Scott Kardel,  Astronomy; Assistant Planetarium Director
Mark Lane,  Astronomy; Planetarium Director
Dr. Lisa Yon,  Oceanography; Earth Science

Faculty Emeriti

Patricia Deen,  Oceanography; Earth Science
Jerry Houser, Aviation
Joseph H. Hydock
Richard S. Noble, Geology and Geography
Douglas Key, Geography
James Pesavento, Astronomy
Dr. Stephen G. Spear, Geology
Alan P. Trujillo,  Oceanography
Joseph P. Willis