T Building Renovation

Project Delivery Method: GMP
Project Budget: $16 million
Construction Start Date: Spring Semester 2012
Completion Date: Fall Semester 2013
Occupy Date: Spring Semester 2014
Bond Series: A


Renovation and expansion of 30,000 SF existing T-Building to provide program needs for the Cabinet and Furniture Technology, Waste Water Management and Welding programs.

Sustainability Features: 

  • A combination of light colored paving and landscaping was used throughout the project site to promote the natural habitat, reduce heat island effect and to control/treat stormwater runoff.
  • Designing adaptive and indigenous plants into the landscaped areas and along pedestrian pathways aids in creating drought tolerant open space.
  • The project performs 20% better than Title 24 through a combination of techniquest such as: proper sizing of equipment, efficient building envelope design, occupancy sensors to control lighting levels, natural day lighting, and design of a PV ready roof.
  • Efficient low flow water fixtures allow the building to achieve 20% water savings
  • In specifying low-emitting materials for carpeting, casework, paints and other building materials, the project is able to achieve optimal indoor air quality.
  • Recycled and regioinal content account for 10% of the building materials
  • LEED certified.

Project Team:

  • Architect: HMC
  • Construction Manager: Gilbane
  • Civil Engineer: Masson & Associates
  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineer: PBS, Johnson Electrical Consulting
  • Structural Engineer: KPBS
  • Landscape Architect: Van Dyke
  • Construction Manager: Chris Miller
  • Prop M Construction Manager: Ralph Johnson
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Supervisor:  Amy O’Brien