Leveraging Prop M Funds

Palomar College is committed to leveraging Prop M funds, when appropriate, to provide the community with the greatest return on its investment.  In addition, the District participates in a number of programs that provide guidance and incentives for energy efficiency, conservation, and an emphasis on sustainable buildings.

Leveraging Prop M Dollars

Palomar College is leveraging taxpayer dollars by doing the following:

  • Expediting projects wherever possible
  • Limiting construction cost over-runs
  • Recycling / scrap sales of materials and equipment from demolished buildings (nearly $160K to date).
  • Conducting regular E-Auction sales events ($36.5K earned to date).
  • Received a San Diego Gas & Electric “Savings by Design” award for energy efficiency (the largest award to an educational institution in San Diego County).  – ($131.5K received to date with another $160K approved).
  • Approved by “California Community Colleges Energy Partnership Program” for various energy savings programs related to Prop M construction projects (nearly $51K to date).
  • Secured approval of State Capital Outlay funds to augment Prop M for the Library/Learning Resource Center project and the Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Building project.
  • Redistributed computers replaced throughout the District and donated hundreds of “gently used” computers to local high schools.

Sustainability Efforts

  • Designing all new and remodeled buildings using the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED Certification) rating systems as the basis for all design, construction, and operation of new construction and remodeled projects.

District Participation in Energy Design and Savings Programs

The District has an energy savings program that reviews new products and equipment on a regular basis and implements projects that have a reasonable payback period. This program has been in place for the last 23 years and has saved the District hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far. Some of the programs the District participates in include:

  • SDG&E Savings by Design
  • SDG&E Sustainable Communities
  • Demand Reduction Programs and Methods
  • Alternative Energy Supplies