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Music Degrees and Programs

Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Animation, Compositing, and Music

This program is directed at the digital design and implementation of 3D animations, graphic compositing and music.

Program Requirements (Select five courses)
ARTI 246 Digital 3D Design and Modeling 3
ARTI 247 Digital 3D Design and Animation 3
GCMW 204 Motion Graphics for Multimedia 4
GCMW 206 Motion Graphics Production and Compositing 4
MUS 180 Computer Music I 3
MUS 184 Electronic Ensemble 3

Total units 16 – 17

Last updated: January 2015

A.A. Degree Major in Music

Students pursuing a music major will take the following required courses. NOTE: MUS 103 is recommended for students who need preparation for Music Theory I. Visit the Music section of the Palomar College Catalog and Palomar’s online class schedule at for updated information and/or contact Palomar Performing Arts Academic Department Assistant Kimberly Loya at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2316 in PAC-122. Transfer students should consult the four-year college or university catalog for specific requirements or see a Palomar College counselor.

Program Requirements
MUS 90 Fundamental Preparation for Music Majors 2
MUS 100 Music Appreciation 3
MUS 105 Music Theory I 3
MUS 106 Music Theory II 3
MUS 110 Music Skills I 1
MUS 111 Music Skills II 1
MUS 180 Computer Music I 3
MUS 210 Advanced Harmony 3
MUS 211 Counterpoint 3
MUS 215 Music Skills III 1
MUS 216 Music Skills IV 1
Group One (Select 12 units)
MUS 134 Palomar Women’s Chorus 1
DNCE 137 /MUS 137 Cuban and Brazilian Drumming I 0.5 – 1.5
DNCE 138 /MUS 138 Cuban and Brazilian Drumming II 0.5 – 1.5
MUS 143 Palomar Chorale Chamber Ensemble 0.5 – 1
MUS 147 Concert Choir 1
MUS 148 Palomar Chorale 1
MUS 149 Spectrum Pop/Jazz Singers 1
MUS 150 Musical Theatre – Vocal 0.5 – 1
MUS 151 Concert Band 1
MUS 152 Jazz Ensemble 1
MUS 155 Chamber Ensemble – Brass 1
MUS 157 Guitar Ensembles 2
MUS 158 Chamber Singers 0.5 – 1
MUS 172 Repertory Jazz Ensemble 1
MUS 181 Computer Music II 3
MUS 184 Electronic Ensemble 3
MUS 187 Computer Music Composition 3
MUS 198 Palomar Symphony Orchestra 0.5 – 1
MUS 220 Applied Music 2
MUS 222 Performance Studies 0.5
MUS 223 Premier Chamber Ensembles 1
Group Two (Select 4-5 units)
MUS 115 Basic Keyboard I 2
MUS 116 Accelerated Basic Keyboard 3
MUS 117 Basic Keyboard II 2
MUS 119 Piano Skills I 2
MUS 131 Vocal Literature and Performance 2
MUS 175 Beginning Guitar 2
MUS 176 Intermediate Guitar 2
MUS 179 Beginning Flamenco Guitar 2
MUS 224 Introduction to Jazz Piano 2
MUS 225 Piano Skills II 2
Group Three (Select 3 units)
MUS 101 Survey of 20th Century Music 3
MUS 102 Introduction to Jazz 3
MUS 171 World Music 3

Total units 41 – 42
Recommended Elective
MUS 173 /DNCE 173/TA 173 Musical Theatre Scenes 1

Last updated: January 2015

Applied Music Program

Palomar Performing Arts’ Applied Music Program is an integral component of the Music A.A. curriculum. Music majors are strongly encouraged to audition for the two-year Applied Music Program during their first semester at Palomar College. If selected for the program, students receive private lessons, practice on campus, and perform regularly: with a music ensemble; in the Performance Studies class; at bi-monthly recitals for family and community members (the number of recital performances contingent upon student’s level [1-4] in the program); at the Honors Recital for the semester’s final Concert Hour (if selected); and for a jury panel composed of faculty members during finals week.

MUS 220 Applied Music (2)

6 hours laboratory
Corequisite: MUS 222 and at least one music ensemble (MUS 134, 137, 138, 143,  147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 155, 157, 158, 159, 172, 173, 184, 198)
Limitation on Enrollment: Enrollment subject to audition
Note: May be taken 4 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC

Individual lessons with music instructor developing basic techniques in applied music. Student is required to practice on campus, be concurrently enrolled in a music ensemble, participate in Performance Studies class, and perform for music juries at the conclusion of the semester.

MUS 222 PerformanceStudies (.5)
2 hours laboratory
Corequisite: MUS 220
Note: May be taken 4 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC

A combination of private studio instruction in instrument or voice with an off campus instructor, plus on campus training in performance skills.

Required conditions:
1. Fourteen clock hours of instruction with a private instructor and adequate practice time are required.
2. At the end of the semester the student will be required to perform for the Music Faculty.
3. Student should have necessary skills and technique on chosen instrument to begin training in public performance:

a. Piano
b. Harpsichord
c. Organ
d. Voice
e. Flute
f. Oboe
g. Clarinet
h. Saxophone
i. Bassoon
j. French Horn
k. Trumpet
l. Trombone
m. Baritone Horn
n. Tuba
o. Percussion
p. Violin
q. Viola
r. Cello
s. Contrabass
t. Harp
u. Classical Guitar
v. Classical Accordion
w. Studio Guitar

Last updated: January 2015