SoCal Cyber Cup Competition

Palomar College recently competed in the SoCal Cyber Cup earning 2nd place in the Community College division and 4th overall. In the Finals Round, competitors operated as a blue team and were required to monitor and protect 5 hosts running various services such as HTTP, FTP, MySQL, REDIS, and Node.js. Over a 4-hour period, Palomar’s CyberComets team defended their hosts from an automated red team attack that sought to disrupt these services as well as compromise the operating system with backdoors. In the end, the CyberComets were one of the few teams (1 of 3) that successfully mitigated all of the red team attacks.

The SoCal Cyber Cup has been providing cyber competitions for the past 12 years and this was the first year that the organizers created a community college division. Palomar College intends on participating in future events as well.

If you would like to view the scoreboard from this year’s competition, you can find it at