CyberSecurity Degree

These are the required courses for the A.S. Cybersecurity degree. Your 2-year schedule will differ based on your individual course selection. We will be graduating the first set of A.S. Cybersecurity degree earners in May 2020. Click here to download program flyer.

Semester 1

  • CSNT 110 Computer Hardware and Operating System Fundamentals (Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer)(ONLINE)
  • CSNT 111 Computer Network Fundamentals (Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer) (ONLINE)

Semester 2

  • CSNT 181 Computer Security/Hacker Prevention (Offered in Fall, Spring) (ONLINE)
  • CSCI 130 Linux Fundamentals (Offered in Fall, Spring) (ONLINE)

Summer Session

  • CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems (Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer) (ONLINE)

Semester 3

  • CSIT 175 Python Programming (Offered in Fall, Spring) (ONLINE)
  • CSNT 250 Cyber Defense and Analysis (Offered in Fall only) (ONLINE)

Semester 4

  • CSNT 255 Ethical Hacker Principles (Offered in Spring only) (ONLINE)
  • CSNT 280 Computer Forensic Foundations (Offered in Spring only) (ONLINE)