National Cyber League Competition National Rankings

The National Cyber League recently released their first-ever national rankings of academic institutions producing new cybersecurity professionals. Palomar College has been participating in the NCL cybersecurity competition for nearly 2 years now. I am proud to announce that nationally, Palomar College ranks #55 (based on over 400 academic institutions) and #20 amongst institutions in the western U.S.

For more information on the national rankings, click here.

National Cyber League Cyber Competition

Palomar College is once again participating in the NCL Cyber Competition. Palomar College’s Information Security Club has been actively researching and presenting material to its members to prepare for this semester’s competition beginning November 2nd. Last year we had 4 students compete blazing the way for others to learn from their experience. This semester, we have 8 students participating in testing their skills in:

  • password cracking
  • network scanning analysis
  • log analysis
  • enumeration and exploitation
  • web app exploitation

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