Palomar College A.S. Cybersecurity Degree is Official

Great news!  We have been notified that the A.S. Cybersecurity degree has been officially approved to start in Fall 2019. Our first graduates with an A.S. Cybersecurity degree will be at the May 2020 Commencement. Two new courses are being offered in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 respectively to students that are ready to graduate.

CSNT 250 Cyber Defense and Analysis (Fall semesters)

Evaluation of cybersecurity team functions as it pertains to the analysis of organizational defensive measures, threat management, and incident response. Topics covered include threat reconnaissance, securing a corporate network, vulnerability management, identity management, and secure software coding. Students will learn the process of securing a corporate network, identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited and responding to a cybersecurity incident.

CSNT 255 Ethical Hacking Principles (Spring semesters)

In-depth analysis and hands-on practical experience in computer and network security concepts from an ethical hacking perspective. Various topics include penetration testing methodology, mobile platform attacks, and cloud computing defenses. Students will be taught the five phases of ethical hacking, which include reconnaissance; gaining access; account enumeration; maintaining access, and covering your tracks. Students will learn how to assess the security posture of an organization and use the same techniques malicious hackers use to identify vulnerabilities and remediate problems before a successful attack is perpetrated. Technical knowledge and critical thinking skills will be developed to explore the challenges and legal issues of cybersecurity testing.