Group Request: Off-campus and Virtual Activities

The department of Outreach and Onboarding Services supports students who are learning more about Palomar College and their college options, discovering the community college system, determining if college is right for them, and then learning how to make it happen! We look forward to connecting to your group.

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Activity Request Form - Virtual or Off-Campus

To help us to serve you better, please use the following form for requests to have the department of Outreach & Onboarding Services present at your location or virtually.
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Please be sure to click the "Submit" button and wait for a response. If you do not see a "Request Received" confirmation on this page and receive an email stating the same, then the department has not received your request.

From community groups and companies, to career organizations or high schools, the department of Outreach and Onboarding Services enjoys bringing the information and support of Palomar College out into our community. Thank you for requesting to connect to Palomar College!